[Mordheim] Shopping List for an Undead Warband

“I have kept thee long in waiting, dear Romuald, and it must have seemed to thee that I had forgotten thee. But I come from afar off, very far off, and from a land whence no other has ever yet returned. There is neither sun nor moon in that land whence I come: all is but space and shadow; there is neither road nor pathway: no earth for the foot, no air for the wing; and nevertheless behold me here, for Love is stronger than Death and must conquer him in the end…”
— Clarimonde (Théophile Gautier, La Morte Amoureuse)

Avatars of War – Vampire Countess

At one moment I believed myself a priest who dreamed nightly that he was a gentleman, at another that I was a gentleman who dreamed he was a priest. I could no longer distinguish the dream from the reality, nor could I discover where the reality began or where ended the dream. The exquisite young lord and libertine railed at the priest, the priest loathed the dissolute habits of the young lord. Two spirals entangled and confounded the one with the other, yet never touching…
— Romuald (Théophile Gautier, La Morte Amoureuse)

Warhammer Quest Necromancer – if available. If not, cf. Avatars of War.

It is a feeling of relief, almost of pleasure, at knowing yourself at last genuinely down and out. You have talked so often of going to the dogs – and well, here are the dogs, and you have reached them, and you can stand it. It takes off a lot of anxiety.


The Paris slums are a gathering-place for eccentric people – people who have fallen into solitary, half-mad grooves of life and given up trying to be normal or decent. Poverty frees them from ordinary standards of behavior, just as money frees people from work.

— George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London

Freebooter Miniatures – Eugen
Freebooter Miniatures – Fith’Aarch the Spider
Freebooter Miniatures – Romerto the Strangler

And the people—ah, the people,
They that dwell up in the steeple,
All alone,
And who tolling, tolling, tolling,
In that muffled monotone,
Feel a glory in so rolling
On the human heart a stone —
They are neither man nor woman,
They are neither brute nor human,
They are Ghouls:
And their king it is who tolls;
And he rolls, rolls, rolls,
A pæan from the bells
— Edgar Allen Poe, The Bells

Heresy Miniatures – Ghoul Tribe

“Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.”
— The Wolf Man

Citadel Doom Wolf (OOP)

Zombies will, as required, be plundered from elsewhere in my collection – assuming I have the good fortune to roll the spell which summons them. There will only be a singular Dire Wolf; the error made with previous warbands was the surfeit of henchmen who were unable to gain experience during campaign play, which robbed me of precious Warband Rating and the opportunity for free heroes. Dire Wolves are the bomb and have one of the best inherent statlines in the game, but five of them was too many. One, as a headhunter and finisher for tricky targets, seems reasonable.


  • Vampire with sword – 120
  • Necromancer with sword – 45
  • Dreg with short bow – 25
  • Dreg with bow – 30
  • Dreg with bow – 30


  • Dire Wolf – 50
  • Ghoul – 40
  • Ghoul – 40
  • Ghoul – 40
  • Ghoul – 40
  • Ghoul – 40

18 thoughts on “[Mordheim] Shopping List for an Undead Warband

  1. My club seems to have got a small Mordheim bug going round this year.

    Got a goblin warband staring at me waiting for paint, which should happen in the summer after finishing Batman and Hordes painting.

    Big boss w sword + board.
    Mage w staff (club).
    4 bosses w spear + shield.
    4 goblins w bows.
    4 goblins w clubs.
    4 squigs.

    I fancy trying to run a rat-heim thing, themed around sewer, cave and tunnel fights, using the skaven clans, goblins, dorfs, and such. When we were first tossing ideas around, most people said “oh, I’ve got an X warband and a skaven warband”, and I thought “ooo… clans and tunnels and sewers…”.

    (I never actually played Mordheim back in t’day. I played Necromunda and Epic instead.)


    1. I got a small goblin army with about 30 squigs and 30 squig hoppers knocking around. Using some for Mordheim should actually see them actually get paint waved at them…


    2. Ratheim. I like it. And yeah, I imagine most people will have Skaven or some flavour of humans if they bought into the starter box. I flogged the Skaven and used the humans for Zombie conversions, obviously.

      Mine was a Necromunda and Mordheim and Gorkamorka household. Never really took to Epic; too small and fiddly. Warmaster looked good but nobody else wanted to play it.

      That Goblin warband looks… actually quite frightful. Fourteen of the little sods – and aren’t the squigs quite dangerous?


      1. Squigs are S5, quick and cheap, if I remember right. But, they can’t manipulate or climb, can’t gain experience, and if they don’t have a goblin minder within 6″ all the time, they go wild, move randomly, and can’t be brought back under control.

        They sound like fun. Especially painted pink. 😀

        Goblins are a bit crap, obviously, so need the numbers, I think. Especially if you don’t go for the troll.

        As long as I don’t do the 20 skaven all with slings, or do anything like the ass in the test game who parked his entirely bow armed gang on the upper floor of one building and stayed there for the game, I think I’m not being too much of a tit.

        The other possibilities that I was thinking, other than skaven, were getting the dwarf slayer pirates crew done, with all the pistols, doing the John Woo diving sideways through the air shooting at people (picked up the models years ago, never fielded in anger), or to pick up a Kislev band, using a winged lancer (love that model, never owned one) as a merc knight, with PP Kossites (got to be cheaper than Kislev from Ebay) and probably some Foundry models.


      2. “Zombie conversions, obviously.”



        That’s a thought. I was going to suggest that if you have your thing for the dead guys, and you didn’t manage to sell off your Cryx (but sold the rest of your Hordemachine off), and if you’ve still got a thing for the models, then what about repurposing them?

        Mechthralls might look a bit too heavyweight for Mordheim zombies, but if you’ve got Revenant Crew or somesuch, that might work.

        What about rebasing them to make a 28mm HOTT army? I used balsa to build up slots on thick card to hold elves in place when I used to play, and I could just slide them out when I wanted to use them as 20mm based models again.


      3. Nearly forgot, these here goblins, they’re night goblins, and I’m quite tempted to have a go at sugar skull facepaint. This is inspired by your post on HoP with the ladies in the makeup.


      4. Do eeeeet. I’m half tempted to pike Ben’s Goblins off him (he’s not using them) and do them up as a Halloween-themed army, and you can bet your ass the shamans would have sugar skulls…


      5. Bad Pumpkins tribe, pumpkins on the bases, or orange robes?

        Have you seen Rotpatch the pumpkin golem from Reaper? I think he’s awesome. He’s the height of a troll, but not the bulk. Could you use him with the goblins? (I got two for a sackhead scarecrows horror warband/crew.)


      6. Pumpkin squigs, Goblins in ghost costumes, Shamans with sugar skulls (and carrying pumpkins), neon-green spiders.

        I haven’t seen this golem of which you speak, but… *GOOGLE* … there has to be SOMETHING I could do with him.

        Not that I’m actually doing this any time soon. Total “throw money and time around” project. Might see if I can restrain it to skirmish scale though.


      7. Do them as a Mordheim crew? Or enough for 500 point FB border patrol games? Or for Song of Blades and Heros or something?

        Or as the bad guys in a rpg adventure…

        Greenstuff fleshy stripes and stalks onto the squigs, green for more cloth to make ghost costumes out of night goblin robes, that sort of thing? Do it. You know you want to.

        There will be inevitably be some form of halloween themed painting contest somewhere you could aim to submit them for.


  2. I love when you do posts like this Von. The great thing about Mordheim is it’s an excuse to buy themed models you really like from all different manufacturers and paint them up. Dammit now I want to play Mordheim! It’s not usually too hard to find people willing to play…

    Hey also, I thought you were going Full Podcast?


    1. I had intended to, but I think posts like this work better in the conventional form. I’m not faffing about with video editing any time soon. Essentially if I have an image of something to wave about I’ll bung it on here and possibly do a mini-cast along with it – once I have that backlog of DZC noises edited. Should do that tomorrow really.


  3. Very useful as well, and the snippets add a lot. This approach would be a solid basis for a series, even just for wishlisting or playing with divergent concepts, whether here or somewhere like HoP with people chipping in with a post as and when. Inspirational groups for whatever skirmish game from wherever the minis look right.

    Possible technical problem: I can’t see this post in the HoP blogroll – if you can’t either, something might have slipped.


    1. I didn’t even see you’d commented here until this morning. *ahem* Goodness knows what’s going on. Might be something to do with the scheduling on WordPress.

      I think I’m going to do more posts like these. I enjoy doing them and hunting out miniatures that I’d use for particular purposes, codifying the gaming impulses through something other than “select elements of proprietary range for use with proprietary rules”.


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