A Cold Collation of Links and Things

As I lurch toward my nineteenth nerd anniversary I am still picking up the old second edition Orks where they can be found at bargain prices. The cards and templates for second edition – well, most of them – arrived the other day. No card counters but as a former Warmachine and Magic player I am blessed with an abundance of beads and tokens. No flamer template either but I think the plastic one’s more or less the same size. Rulebooks currently reside on the (rubbish) Kindle with the exception of the Ork Codex, which could be had for a fiver and of which a decent scan was not forthcoming. Sadly – very sa-a-a-a-dly – I could still identify the original batch of funny-shaped dice I bought in ’95 among the collection, and the more recent special-dice-for-playing-Inquisitor-with ones to boot. I think all I need now is heavy weapons for the Ork footsloggers, a set of Sustained Fire dice and an Artillery die, unless Hark’s hidden the old one somewhere. Wouldn’t put it past the minx.

I’d take all this stuff to BOYL except a) hardly any of it’s painted and that’s not the Way and b) I’m entertaining someone better-looking than everyone in the Oldhammer movement (except me and possibly Curis) next weekend. Heigh ho. Maybe 2016. Anyway, here’s a bunch of things I’ve read/seen and thought were interesting. Enjoy.

An introduction to hnefatafl, and a musing on the use of gameplay as personal training for strategists.

Some of North Star’s wizards for Frostgrave, which looks like an interesting little game: a Mordheim-covered-in-ice aesthetic, and a sense that it’s like the Ars Magica of warband-scale wargaming.

A review of the Crescent and the Cross for SAGA, which I will get around to playing any month now.

A theory piece on game theory, movement, and perhaps why X-Wing is so damn popular. (Note: I am old-fashioned and like those ‘perfect information’ games where I have time for a gentleman’s half in between turns.)

A RISK/OD&D play by post with which I’m whiling away the time.

Saladin Ahmed and Joe Abercrombie on different societies in fantasy. Ahmed’s short stories in Engraved On The Eye are very good and I must read him in long form at some stage. I haven’t read Abercrombie but he seems pretty sharp.

At long last, the oddities of WoW-RP are starting to make sense to me: the Scandinavian traditions around roleplaying are quite different from what I’m used to, and the EU RP servers have a lot of cool Swedes hanging around.

A different way of mapping space on the tabletop during RPG sessions – one less preoccupied with the nitty-gritty of who is how far away from whom and whether or not someone can reach a given point in one turn or two, and more on what’s in the space and how it can be interacted with, but it doesn’t totally abandon the idea of distance, radius, area of effect and so on. A nice compromise? I’ll have to try it out.

These are pretty. I want some.

4 thoughts on “A Cold Collation of Links and Things

    1. I know. There are many selfindulgent things I wish to ask people for for my thirtieth birthday. These are on the list. I would settle for one: a special d20 for murdering player characters with. :p


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