[Off Topic] Feels Like A Hundred Years

I’ve been at this for a while now. My first gaming blog launched in 2009, which was apparently peak time for new blogs to start – before the glut of everyone and their dog doing it brought on a state of content shock. The volume of free content positively exploded over the next five years, leaving us all feeling glutted, sated, bloated and positively flatulent with free stuff to read and argue about.

By 2014 I was also extremely depressed and, consequently, started churning money through the hobby, buying things to cheer myself up and selling them off again every time I needed to move house, which was too damn often. This rootlessness is a hallmark of my generation (for my sins, I’m just about young enough to qualify as one of those millennials who are killing all the industries everywhere) and, as a consequence, it means I don’t really have the usual Middlehammer experience.

You know the one I mean. “Oh, I played that a lot when I was at school, then I went to uni/got a girlfriend/sorted my life out, but when I bought a house my mum went through the attic and sent my old stuff over…”

Not round ‘ere, mate. Anything that’s not been played with in a couple of years is a calcified asset, money waiting to be freed up; any project that’s ceased to move and live and satisfy will go the same way before long. It’s the only way I could free up space and funding for the next thing and, often, the only way the rent would be paid next month.

I haven’t been able to keep stuff, ever, and to be honest, the wheeling and dealing and bargain hunting was always part of the fun for me. (Obviously, in this day and age it’s all eBay scalpers and mass-produced skeletons going for £25 a pop or take your business elsewhere, a seller’s market if ever there was one – but that’s another story.)

But I was lucky enough to get one of my Middlehammer armies back, and even luckier to stumble into a nice bunch of lads who are still playing proper Warhammer on square bases like we did when I was a wee ‘un. And truth be told, it’s been a lot more fun than all the years of slogging through the fashionable what’s-meta-this-year of competitive Warmachine and the can-I-really-be-arsed-learning-a-whole-new-game of 40K’s edition cycle and the rise of Age of Sigmar.

Whenever I stop and think about this sort of thing I become terribly maudlin, and maudlin’s not a good frame of mind for me. Last time it went out of control and I deleted my entire web presence – all the social media, the blog and its archives, everything went in one night.

Let it burn is what I say. I don’t want to drag everything I said or did over the last nine years behind me like a forty thousand word dingleberry. My most popular post by far was me getting my knackers in a knot over Heinrich Kemmler’s name, which is so utterly trivial now that the gaming kultur war has boiled over into something that distorts lives, careers, the fates of nations…

But I can’t let it all go. I still play, and even more occasionally paint, and sometimes it’s fun to talk about what I’ve been up to. So here we all are, in the looming shadow of Nagashizzar where all fates come to dust. Nine years down the line from registering the original GAME OVER, with a lot of mistakes made and lessons learned along the way. One hundred posts (well, ninety-nine) survived the cull.

Glad to have you back.

Shall we, then?

6 thoughts on “[Off Topic] Feels Like A Hundred Years

  1. Stumbling through the howling winds of the City of the Dead, I have once more collapsed on your doorstep, a sailor on the seas of fate, as it were.

    No but yeah, actually drawn here by rare pingback notification emails on both of my old blogs, which appropriately enough linger in a state of perpetual undeath. I haven’t the heart to stake them just yet, and stitching them together seems like a good idea, but also exactly the sort of careful administrative task I prefer to avoid.

    I was born in the third last year of Generation X, meaning I partake in the Millenial’s unstable financial situation (sold almost all me armies over the years), and also suffer from the X’s anti-authoritarianism and cynicism. Looking foward to reading about your adventures as always, however infrequent they might be. It’s been so long now it’s a sort of comfort food.


    1. I like the idea of being comfort food. Like a big bag of chips, or a tube of wine gums. Or biscuits! A packet of Hobnobs for the soul.

      Exporting and importing blog content honestly didn’t take that long. Retagging it all would be a sod but that’s the sort of thing one saves for a hangover day. Not that a Zen master like yourself would be hung over, obviously. 😉

      ‘Sailor on the Seas of Fate’ is a Blue Oyster Cult song, right?


      1. Probably? I know it’s the title of one of the early Elric novels.

        Hey speaking of BoC, there’s a new archives assistant at my work who reminds me of an Australian version of your good self. I first realised this when I noticed he had a Blue Oyster Cult tattoo on his forearm, so I tactfully asked him if he played Vampire and yes, he did. Turns out he also played WHFB and is half-heartedly playing 8th ed 40k but wants to move into Horus Heresy. We had a twenty minute conversation about Stillmania. It’s not often the universe provides such a colleague.


  2. Oh and one more thing, I think we could have a great conversation about content shock if you’re up for it. Let me know if this a good place to do that and I’ll go ahead.

    For now just want to say I read that blog post you linked, and it’s kind of funny that the guy wracked his brain for years trying to work out a business strategy to overcome content shock, and settled on “write and sell self-help book about how to beat content shock to scared people.”


    1. That’s content marketing for you. The hustle never stops.

      I’m not really up for it. Talking about the day job on my day off blog doesn’t hold massive appeal for me, I’m afraid.


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