Public Service Announcement

Hello, you.

When I turned the blog back on last summer, I was resolved to give it one last go.

It’s had one last go. And I’ve enjoyed it. But I’ve been doing this for ten years now, and doing something very similar as my day gig for seven of the last eight years, and we’ve all got content shock.

On top of that, my wrists and hands are going, and I simply can’t keep up the amount of writing I used to do. My day gig, my side hustle, my voluntary work, my studies and self-betterment, my hobby; they’re all contributing to the gradual erosion of my fleshy vessel and frankly, something’s got to give.

And finally, there’s the small matter of money. My blogs have always been as ad-free as I can make them. Now I simply can’t afford the hosting any more; I’m a shit-broke grad student again and that £45 or whatever has better things to be spent on than this.

I started this blog in October 2009, with a report of a game of Warmachine with and against m’colleague Dr. Shiny. In September 2019, I’ll be seeing m’colleague Dr. Shiny for the first time in four years, and we’ll be playing a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and that’ll be as good a thing as any to bow out on when I write it up the month after.

I’ll leave the site up until its tenth anniversary, but after that, it’s…

and I mean it this time

One thought on “Public Service Announcement

  1. I can fully appreciate why you are stopping it. I’ve done my best not to spend any money on mine (a bit of storage is all) but if I had to outlay any reasonable amount each year then I wouldn’t bother. With the rise and rise of social media, I imagine your footfall has gone down a fair bit too (and I know you are in a fair few of the whfb groups I’m in as I’ve seen a number of your posts – btw I’m under Mark Merfield on FB). It’s been a pleasure reading your blog and I’m sure we’ll keep in touch on FB.

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