Hour of the Geek #2: “My Vampire Counts Army Will Destroy You…”

Does anyone else recall that parody video Fly Weight Films did, years ago, about the security guard whose Dark Elf army was the greatest power for evil in the lower region of British Columbia? Or is it just me? Anyway, I used to laugh at it, but since I turned INTO that guy, I haven’t really had a leg to stand on.

My Vampire Counts army will destroy you.

Hour of the Geek #1 – “It’s Not A Man Cave, OK?”

God, that’s an awful thumbnail. Rest assured the others YouTube selected were even worse. I promise I don’t always look like a total derpazoid.

Anyway, this is another attempt at that thing I used to do back in the House of Paincakes/Year of Frugal Gaming days, when I was an absolute trollop and would offer myself to any blog that would have me at tuppence a post and a shilling on Sundays to spite the Lord. Further transmissions will follow because I made about three of these in one night.